Sonntag, 30. Dezember 2007

This is where I work on my dolls and other stuff. I have two huge tables, one for cutting the materials and the other one for my sewing machine and the overlook.

Freitag, 28. Dezember 2007


Finally, I have a digicam of my own!!!!! What a difference it makes, just look at the pics. For the first time using my new digicam I am quite proud of them. Still have to get used to all those symbols in the display and figuring out how to use the flash and such, BUT, I have a new digicam!!!!

Dienstag, 25. Dezember 2007


Do you know Shoulderdragons? Well, this is a shoulderrat. It is made from grey fleece and her eyes are buttons. She is stuffed with a plastik granulate which gives her weight and still makes her flexible enough so that she can sit on the shoulder. I am looking for more ideas for shoulderanimals. Any suggestions?

Montag, 24. Dezember 2007


Two cat-girls might be enough for the moment. Looking through various boxes of material I found this dalmatian fake fur and spontaniously desided to try making a Inumimi. Inu = Dog. See: she has dog ears.

It wasn't easy to attach the ears to the head this time, because the hair had to continue under the ears.

It is no problem with catears which are sitting lengthwise on the side of the head. But dogears are sitting in the other direction, across the side of the head.

So, when I would have first sewn the ears to the head, she would have been bald under the ears because the hair would have gone over the ears but not under them.

Therefore I first glued the hair to the head and then sew the ears on top of it.

I am busy and see, now Inumini has a white satin dress with lace at the seam and at the neckline. Sigh, I really really wish I had a better way to take pic expect the webcam...

Samstag, 15. Dezember 2007

Neko-girl 2

Looks as if I am becoming obsessed with making nekos, giggle. Well, I love cats, what is there more to say?

She has light blue eyes and dark brown hair made from yarn.

Her ears and tail are made from a very dark brown plush.
This neko too is wearing boxers like the first one. Her dress is made from a pink cotton print with little blue and white flowers.
Currently I am working on her knitted cardigan. It will be light blue.

The boots and gloves are made from a plush animal print. Must be somthing catlike with dots, lol.

If you are interested in ordering a special one, let me know. I am planning on selling this neko anyway.

See, she even got a knitted cardigan, too.

Samstag, 1. Dezember 2007


Did I mention that I have two Cats who I adore a lot? Well, I found a pattern for nekomimis on my favourite website. It is the same website where I found the pattern for my golden angel.

She is wearing gloves and boots from the same material as her ears. It is fake fur imitating some kind of cat. I don't know whether is is jaguar or cheeta, but it looks cute on her.

OH, not to forget. As a nekomimi she really has to have a tail. I put a piece of wire inside so that I can arrange it differently. Her hair is made from brown wool.
She is wearing boxer short with a special tail hole in the back.

I made her a short dress which is closed in the back.

It is a green cotton print. The colored spots you see on the pic are little crayons.

It is cold outside. I didn't want her to freeze. Therefore she got a cardigan to keep her warm.

Isn't she cute?

Donnerstag, 29. November 2007

Mona Silverheart

I am feeling creative, running low on material but still, I had to make another one.
Black dress, eyes with silver glitter, stockings made from white and silver lace. Hair is black and white wool and I put a huge bow made from silver netting on top. Over her black velvet dress she is wearing another made from grey organza. To cover the shoulder seam I sew a long piece of black lace to the seam which is hanging down freely.

Sonntag, 25. November 2007

Vanessa Blackblood

A friend of mine suggested that I should try to make a goth doll. They are also called living death doll. Look it up in the net if you are interested in the subject. Here is what I made so far.

Character and sewing pattern are completly my own creation.

And yes, it is webcam pic again.

She has stockings made from lace. No idea what kind of dress and hairstyle she will get at the moment. I thought about giving her black and red hair. And maybe a tight red dress?

Red Dress, yes, with golden print.

Necktie with a black Star and red and black hair made from yarn.

Finished? I don't know, maybe some gloves? Or maybe a veil?

I made some more "decoration". First eyebrows with red glitter. Hmmm, I really need a digicam. The webcam doesn't catch that sparkle.
I made her gloves from the same lace as for the stocking. And yes, I made a veil, too.


This is my first comission. A friend of mine asked for a boy and a girl, dressed in similar clothes like her husband and herself at their weddingday. And yes, they really got married in black, sigh. And as original characters I have no problems with copyright and selling those two.
Again I have to apologise for the poor picture quality, I still don't have a digicam.

Samstag, 27. Oktober 2007

Golden Angel part two

He is finished. He has WINGS!!!
The pictures aren't the best, I had to use my webcam again but there will be better pics as soon as my friend Petra has time to take them.

The wings are made from some really nice thin material. I wanted to give them some structure and thought about stitching lines on them.

I used a special material to help with the stitching which is called "Soluflies". It is a vlies that vanishes when you put it in cold water.
So, I put the golden material between two layers of soluvlies and then used the sewing machine to stitch lines and structures.

Those clawlike things on the tip of the wings are "Nestelspitzen", sorry, I don't know the english word for that. They are made from metal and used for decoration on the ends of strings.

Sonntag, 7. Oktober 2007

Golden Angel

This is my current projekt, the most complicated doll I have made so far. And YES, those are fingers you see. There is wire in each finger so that the doll can really hold things in its hands.

I used flower hair, which is a decoration material, for the hair. It is glued and stitched to the head. I used the special eye color for the eyes again and some golden and a lot of red glitter for the eyes.

YES, RED glitter.

This is a portrait shot of the face. Please notice the red eyes. I found the inspiration for this doll with a story of a friend of mine. Something about demonic angels and the fight of good and bad, darkness and light. And because of the demonic background those six have red eyes.

There are six demonic angels. Guess what is on my scedule once I have finished him?

He is the golden angel, still missing his wings but at least I managed to make a bow.

The bow was made from Fimo.

Fimo is a material you can knead and model and is then put in the oven to harden. After that I sprayed it with gold-color. It still needs a clear coat to secure the color.

As you can see, those hands really are able to hold things.

The Golden Angel is wearing very loose and wide pants and a kind of wrap-around-jacket in a slightly chinese style. The clothes aren't completed yet, I made a long coat with long elegant sleeves and a huge hood too. But they weren't finished when my friend Petra (thank you darling, you are the greatest!!!) came to make these pictures.

The patterns for the body and other absolutly stunning dolls can be found when you klick on the headline "THIRD". Check the site out, it really is an inspiration to every dollmaker. But be warned, the patterns on that site mostly are for advanced doll makers.

The patterns for the clothes are my own. Making clothes' patterns is hard work, but with every new piece my collection grows and grows and grows.

There will be more pics when I have made those wings....sigh, how to make wings????

And I really not only have to give thanks to my dear friend Petra for taking pictures but for Achim as well. Because he drew that pic which gave me the final push to start making this doll.
And yes, he drew pictures of all six demonic angels!!! THANK YOU!!!

Note to self: Using Fimo for sculptured things like the bow wasn't a good idea. I tried to rearange it a bit and accidently broke it in two halves. Looks as if I have to make a new one from a different material now. Maybe I really should try to make one from wood?

Sonntag, 23. September 2007


This plushie is Crawford from the Anime Weiß Kreuz. The pictures aren't that good, because my friend who made the other pics with her digicam didn't had time. Therefore I had to use the webcam. Sorry about the poor qualitiy.

Crawford is now living with a good friend of mine. And he is well loved and gets cuddled a lot....giggle.

The body is sewn like the first doll, except for the ears. I sew them seperatly and then sew them to the head. The glasses are made from wire. And the clothes are completly removable and have real buttons and real buttonholes. Again I painted the eyes but this time without glitter.

I don't have the copyright for Animeplushies, so sadly I can't do any Animeplushies for selling. Therefore I can't take orders for making one.

My friend, Crawford's new owner, send me some more pics. They are better quality, therefore enjoy them: