Samstag, 26. Januar 2008

Angel of Earth

This will become the second of those six angels I have planned to make. This one will be the angel of Earth, wild, untamed and dangerous.
To make him look the part I thought to use real fur for the hair and bought some sheepfur with really long tresses. It looks so good and wild and untamed and has never seen a brush or a comb. Perfect material I thought. But sadly, my friend who I make this angels for, is allergic to wool. So I had to search for different material for the hair.
See this? It is some longhaird mohair plush. I glued it to the head and used the glue and hairspray to style it. Not as good as the fur would have been, but it will do.

Close up of the face. I am afraid the mouth became a bit to feminin for a male angel. But his eyes shine really cool red with that glitter I used.

To be continued

Golden Angel part three

These pics are taken with my new digicam and show the golden Angel in all his glory. Please note the details of the wings. The pattern was stitched with my sewing machine free hand.

Here you can see how the wings come out through slits in the back of the clothes. Theoretically you can undress him. But I wouldn't recomend it.
All that is missing his his bow and a quiver and arrows.
To be continued.


Now Inumimi has her own cardigan, it just took me a while to make one. Sadly the first one doesn't fit proberly, it is a bit to big for her. So I made another one.

The new one looks much better. It has an hole pattern which looks much nicer than the simple one of the first cardigan. The only thing missing are the buttons and buttonholes.
Isn't she looking cute?