Sonntag, 27. Juli 2008

Just Finished

This is the Quiver and Arrows for the Golden Angel. The Quiver is made from board, cut and glued to form a quiver. Then I used double-sided sticky tape to cover it completly and then covered it with the material. For the ribbon I cut slits in the back of the finished quiver.
The arrows are made from toothpicks. I cut the "feathers" from board and glude them to one end. After that I used gold spraypaint. Now I still have to make a longbow and the Golden Angel is finally finished.
This is the fighting staff for my Angel of Earth. Using a round wood pole, some yarn spools, left over christmas cord, lots of metalic perls, metalic colors and lots of hot-glue. And yes, I burned my fingers a lot using it.
Please admire the detailed work. Next thing I am working on will be the armor and the wings.