Sonntag, 23. September 2007


This plushie is Crawford from the Anime Weiß Kreuz. The pictures aren't that good, because my friend who made the other pics with her digicam didn't had time. Therefore I had to use the webcam. Sorry about the poor qualitiy.

Crawford is now living with a good friend of mine. And he is well loved and gets cuddled a lot....giggle.

The body is sewn like the first doll, except for the ears. I sew them seperatly and then sew them to the head. The glasses are made from wire. And the clothes are completly removable and have real buttons and real buttonholes. Again I painted the eyes but this time without glitter.

I don't have the copyright for Animeplushies, so sadly I can't do any Animeplushies for selling. Therefore I can't take orders for making one.

My friend, Crawford's new owner, send me some more pics. They are better quality, therefore enjoy them:

Samstag, 22. September 2007


Okay, this blog is about me, my hobbies and most important, about my dolls and plushies. This is the one I made for a friend of mine. The pic to the left shows her Avatar she is using and which she created herself.
I think the doll looks a lot like here Avatar. What do you think?

The original pattern for the body is from "The Rag Doll Handbook" from Ana Lakeland if you are interested in makeing a doll yourself. I changed the pattern a little and didn't follow her instructions completly.

Here you can see some stages of the making. After sewing the pieces together the doll looks rather ... flat...giggle

Filled with polyester wool and sewn together it looks a lot more like a doll, right?

As you might notice, I painted the eyes. I used special doll-eyecolors in blue and some blue glitter to make them shine. The hair is made from yarn, which I glued to the head.

The clothes are made from velvet (a flexible one, I only know the german word Pannesamt for it). Making clothes takes a lot of time, especially when you want to make original clothes and don't have patterns. Don't make the mistake and sew the first attempt out of the original material. Better use some scraps because mostly the first set doesn't fit like you want it too. I learned that the hard way. I still feel sorry for wasting that piece of white satin.