Sonntag, 10. Februar 2008

Dressing up: Continued

Here is the jacket. I am astonished the the fabric structure shows so well on the pic.
I used fake leatherstrips to make those loops. First I thought about just putting strips on the front, so that the jacket would be closed by knot and bow, but, no really, no, that wouldn't have matched a wild and dangerous demonic Angel of Earth.
The jacket has a high colar and long sleeves. I am still not certain wether to leave the sleeves as they are or put a ribon at the wrist and draw it together to make it bunch around the wrist. But for the moment, it is fine as it is.
And this is what he looks like with the fur waistcoat over the jacket. I descovered that I shoud have made the armholes a little bit bigger, but it isn't too bad.
As a worrior angel he has to have an armor. These ovals were part of a belt which I cut appart. I will attach them new with fake the same fake leather strips I used for the jacket and hopefully it will look like an armor in the end.
This is just a test, not the finished armor. It really does look like a kind of breastcover, but isn't big enough to really protect him. Got to work on it a bit more.

To be continued.

Samstag, 9. Februar 2008

Dressing up an Angel of Earth

How to dress an Angel of Earth? Well, with lots of browns and furs and leather. After searching through boxes and boxes of fabric and material and some more shopping I came up with a lot of different materials and fabric. Some are shining, some are dull, soft and fury or rough. I even got some really soft leather. From left to right: brown velvet, fake fur print, a cream colored loose woven fabric, dark brown taft, another fur print, teddyplush and real leather which is very soft.

First material I choose was for making trousers. I wanted them to look a bit like harem pants, so I had to choose a soft and shining material. See, dark brown taft is perfect for this.
After putting an elastic both in the waist and at the ankle of the trousers it does look like a kind of harem pants.
But only pants is not enough. And I have so much materials and fabrics left to use. So I decided that he will have something made from the fur print. And what better than to give him a long sleeevles waistcoat?
This is what he looks like at the moment. The next clothes I make is going to be a shirt. Though I am not certain what to use for it. The cream colored fabric that looks like something homespun and homewoven or the leather? Better to sleep over it.
But I am absolutly certain that he will get boots made from that teddy plush!

To be continued.