Samstag, 11. Oktober 2008


Another one of Runo Dollmakers patterns. It is a Miniplush, 12cm tall.

The character is from a yaoi story, written by Twisted Hilarity. This is her website. If you don't like Yaoi (meaning boy boy love) don't go there. You are warned.
Kasan Plushie sitting on Youkiko's lap, lol. Looks as if she adopted him.

Donnerstag, 21. August 2008

Shadows Youji finished

Painting the face it always difficult. Once the paint is on the fabric you can't remove it. It has to be perfect right from the beginning. But I think I did a good job this time.
Another hair experiment.
The hair is glued to the head, cut to the right lenght and perfectly arranged. You want to know why it stays in place like that?
Giggle, rollers and lots of hairspray of course.
Finished Youji, looking casual with his uniform coat hanging over a shoulder.

Shadows Youji 2

Playing with hairlength was fun. Wouldn't he look good with long hair, too? The problem this time, you won't believe it, was finding the right color. Come on, it shouldn't be too difficult to find a yarn in honeyblond, should it? Well, it was!
After running around from shop to shop, harrassing shop assistents and looking for it for weeks I finally found the perfect yarn. And those glasses are so cool, aren't they?
Long coat made from a dark blue wool fabric.
The white cross pattern is made from a small white satin ribbon.
And finally the boots. Clothes are finished, now I can concentrate on the head.

Shadows Youji

Another day another plushie. I used the same pattern as for the Nekomimis but I enlarged the body, the arms and the legs.
The shirt gave me some problems. Luckily I found an old magazine with patterns for doll clothes. I only had to change the collar of that pattern and the cuffs to fit him. But sewing those little cuffs with the sewing machine is not funny!
Can't have Youji without boxers, right?
Lol, that is my cat Banshee, he always insists on checking whatever I am making.
Warm trousers made from a dark grey wool. Oh, did I mention that I am so happy that I bought that doll stand?

Samstag, 9. August 2008


No longer cold feet. Those boots will keep his feet warm.
I painted the wingclaws brown and black and then finished them with a clear coat.
Dry and nice I glued them on top of the wings.
This is how he looks complete from head to toe. Did I mention that I bought a dollstand? I am soooo happy that I did. Look how cool he looks standing there with his fighting pole.

Mittwoch, 6. August 2008


I finally made the wings. They were made in the same technik like the golden angel. Put fabric between two layers of soluvlies and stitch the outline and inner structure with the sewing machine.
I used simple sewing yarn this time, a dark brown as in contrast to the shimmering material of the wings. Believe me when I say that I had a hard time to push those wings through the slit in the back of the jacket. And that means, yes, those wings are attached to the body and not sewn to the jacket.
I like the ways those different browns effect each other.
I wanted the wings to look more demonic this time. That is why I made those curves at the underside of the wings.
This time I wanted those wings to have claws. My problem, I am not much of a sculpture. The material I used for those wingclaws is very light, not very sticky, which is why I could form those claws directly on the wings without having to be afraid to soil them. On the other side I wish that material would have been a bit more sticky because it doesn't stick to the wings at all. Oh well, I let it dry for the next day or two. Then they will get some paint and I hope I can glue them in place. Now I have to make those boots and finally the rest of the armor.


If you are a craft nuts like me, you know that you can find materials anywhere. See that nice shawl? Doesn't it look good on that white blouse? Well, I saw it and thought "Scale male!" and bought it right away. And just to be on the safe side, I bought one in black too. Too sad they didn't had one in blue or white.
At home I had to see if I was right and drapped the shawl around the demonic angel of Earth. And what can I say, I love it.
The sewing was easy. I measured the complete length from front to back and then sew the edges together to make a poncho with a hole in the middle. I sew it such that the shawl ends with the fringes are in the back.
OH, I baught a simple dollstand. Now I can arrange my dolls for taking pictures much easier. And see, those hands can really hold things.

Sonntag, 27. Juli 2008

Just Finished

This is the Quiver and Arrows for the Golden Angel. The Quiver is made from board, cut and glued to form a quiver. Then I used double-sided sticky tape to cover it completly and then covered it with the material. For the ribbon I cut slits in the back of the finished quiver.
The arrows are made from toothpicks. I cut the "feathers" from board and glude them to one end. After that I used gold spraypaint. Now I still have to make a longbow and the Golden Angel is finally finished.
This is the fighting staff for my Angel of Earth. Using a round wood pole, some yarn spools, left over christmas cord, lots of metalic perls, metalic colors and lots of hot-glue. And yes, I burned my fingers a lot using it.
Please admire the detailed work. Next thing I am working on will be the armor and the wings.

Montag, 10. März 2008

The original Pic

I completly forogt to upload the original pic my friend Achim draw for me. He did a great job, didn't he?

Sonntag, 10. Februar 2008

Dressing up: Continued

Here is the jacket. I am astonished the the fabric structure shows so well on the pic.
I used fake leatherstrips to make those loops. First I thought about just putting strips on the front, so that the jacket would be closed by knot and bow, but, no really, no, that wouldn't have matched a wild and dangerous demonic Angel of Earth.
The jacket has a high colar and long sleeves. I am still not certain wether to leave the sleeves as they are or put a ribon at the wrist and draw it together to make it bunch around the wrist. But for the moment, it is fine as it is.
And this is what he looks like with the fur waistcoat over the jacket. I descovered that I shoud have made the armholes a little bit bigger, but it isn't too bad.
As a worrior angel he has to have an armor. These ovals were part of a belt which I cut appart. I will attach them new with fake the same fake leather strips I used for the jacket and hopefully it will look like an armor in the end.
This is just a test, not the finished armor. It really does look like a kind of breastcover, but isn't big enough to really protect him. Got to work on it a bit more.

To be continued.

Samstag, 9. Februar 2008

Dressing up an Angel of Earth

How to dress an Angel of Earth? Well, with lots of browns and furs and leather. After searching through boxes and boxes of fabric and material and some more shopping I came up with a lot of different materials and fabric. Some are shining, some are dull, soft and fury or rough. I even got some really soft leather. From left to right: brown velvet, fake fur print, a cream colored loose woven fabric, dark brown taft, another fur print, teddyplush and real leather which is very soft.

First material I choose was for making trousers. I wanted them to look a bit like harem pants, so I had to choose a soft and shining material. See, dark brown taft is perfect for this.
After putting an elastic both in the waist and at the ankle of the trousers it does look like a kind of harem pants.
But only pants is not enough. And I have so much materials and fabrics left to use. So I decided that he will have something made from the fur print. And what better than to give him a long sleeevles waistcoat?
This is what he looks like at the moment. The next clothes I make is going to be a shirt. Though I am not certain what to use for it. The cream colored fabric that looks like something homespun and homewoven or the leather? Better to sleep over it.
But I am absolutly certain that he will get boots made from that teddy plush!

To be continued.

Samstag, 26. Januar 2008

Angel of Earth

This will become the second of those six angels I have planned to make. This one will be the angel of Earth, wild, untamed and dangerous.
To make him look the part I thought to use real fur for the hair and bought some sheepfur with really long tresses. It looks so good and wild and untamed and has never seen a brush or a comb. Perfect material I thought. But sadly, my friend who I make this angels for, is allergic to wool. So I had to search for different material for the hair.
See this? It is some longhaird mohair plush. I glued it to the head and used the glue and hairspray to style it. Not as good as the fur would have been, but it will do.

Close up of the face. I am afraid the mouth became a bit to feminin for a male angel. But his eyes shine really cool red with that glitter I used.

To be continued