Mittwoch, 6. August 2008


I finally made the wings. They were made in the same technik like the golden angel. Put fabric between two layers of soluvlies and stitch the outline and inner structure with the sewing machine.
I used simple sewing yarn this time, a dark brown as in contrast to the shimmering material of the wings. Believe me when I say that I had a hard time to push those wings through the slit in the back of the jacket. And that means, yes, those wings are attached to the body and not sewn to the jacket.
I like the ways those different browns effect each other.
I wanted the wings to look more demonic this time. That is why I made those curves at the underside of the wings.
This time I wanted those wings to have claws. My problem, I am not much of a sculpture. The material I used for those wingclaws is very light, not very sticky, which is why I could form those claws directly on the wings without having to be afraid to soil them. On the other side I wish that material would have been a bit more sticky because it doesn't stick to the wings at all. Oh well, I let it dry for the next day or two. Then they will get some paint and I hope I can glue them in place. Now I have to make those boots and finally the rest of the armor.

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