Donnerstag, 29. November 2007

Mona Silverheart

I am feeling creative, running low on material but still, I had to make another one.
Black dress, eyes with silver glitter, stockings made from white and silver lace. Hair is black and white wool and I put a huge bow made from silver netting on top. Over her black velvet dress she is wearing another made from grey organza. To cover the shoulder seam I sew a long piece of black lace to the seam which is hanging down freely.

Sonntag, 25. November 2007

Vanessa Blackblood

A friend of mine suggested that I should try to make a goth doll. They are also called living death doll. Look it up in the net if you are interested in the subject. Here is what I made so far.

Character and sewing pattern are completly my own creation.

And yes, it is webcam pic again.

She has stockings made from lace. No idea what kind of dress and hairstyle she will get at the moment. I thought about giving her black and red hair. And maybe a tight red dress?

Red Dress, yes, with golden print.

Necktie with a black Star and red and black hair made from yarn.

Finished? I don't know, maybe some gloves? Or maybe a veil?

I made some more "decoration". First eyebrows with red glitter. Hmmm, I really need a digicam. The webcam doesn't catch that sparkle.
I made her gloves from the same lace as for the stocking. And yes, I made a veil, too.


This is my first comission. A friend of mine asked for a boy and a girl, dressed in similar clothes like her husband and herself at their weddingday. And yes, they really got married in black, sigh. And as original characters I have no problems with copyright and selling those two.
Again I have to apologise for the poor picture quality, I still don't have a digicam.